How to Find Your Correct Size

Like clothing, each nail has a specific measurement.  And just like designers, each nail shop may have different sized nails, so it's best to use my sizing chart to ensure you are using the same scale as my shop and nails.

Your nails are made to order, so may order your nails in a "standard size" pre-set, or order them in custom sizes once you establish your measurements. Sizing varies by small increments, so you should be able to find your perfect fit.. There is no additional fee for custom sizes, and its recommended you order customs for the best looking fit and most comfortable fit.

1. Order a Fit Kit


2. Measure your nails

**Some clients have natural nail beds that are not easily fit.  If you think you are someone with particularly flat, scooped/shoveled, or overly curved nail beds, please consider this when choosing a shape. If you have a particular nail issue where you would like a consult, Please contact me with questions.

The best way to find your sizes is with my Fit Kit Sample Sizing Pack.  Buy it here  

How Sizes Work


No additional fee for custom sizes.  Just select "custom" from the size options, then leave me a note what your sizes are: thumb to pinky.

**Shape/sizes are not all universal.  This a general guideline - though long stiletto and long coffin may fit slightly more narrow as a result of their shape.  Ensure your fit before placing your order; we offer many ways to get your perfect size.  Misfits can not be exchanged/refunded.

Print this Measurement Notes Worksheet to help you record your measurements.
Also you can check out my step by step video guide on how to measure
or you can watch a "how to" video tutorial here